We provide an end-to-end platform and solutions for businesses in the hospitality industry. We strive to help businesses expand and reach their potential.

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Explore new channels and create new opportunities

Safety & Security

Create a safe environment for both your staff and customers

Cost Saving

Identify inefficiencies within your business and optimize your assets

Delight Customers

Enhance the customer experience on all fronts


Use Our Platform and Transform Your Business


We provide a central platform applicable with a suite of tools and products for businesses in the hospitality industry. From IoT devices, to software applications, we can help your business excel in this age of technology.

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Outfit Your Business with IoT Devices and more


Our wide selection of IoT and non-IoT devices can optimize your operations on all fronts. From tracking your inventory levels, to monitoring your staff's on-site productivity, amongst other applications, we can provide you with management tools that will save you time and money.



Access Our Software Ecosystem & Manage All Parts of Your Business


Connect all your devices to the IoT platform powered by our trusted partner. You can monitor the state of all sensors or control of of your devices within the solution the we provide to you.

Let's Be Data Management Oriented

Today, in order to streamline Data Management and Solving Problem, Innovation has taken a preponderant place. Currently, Hospitality Analysts spend 80% to manipulate data and only 20% for problem solving. This should be the other way around if we have a real-time accurate data.

Let's Be Proactive Than Reactive

As organizations embrace data, analytics, and visualizations, they evolve from “gut-feel” reactive decision makers to more proactive, forward-looking decision makers.

Let's Enjoy The Benefits Of Real Time Data

With real-time reporting, organizations have instant access to accurate, up-to-date information — and increase leaders' confidence in the decisions they make

Core Technology services



"Why spend days updating spreadsheets when HTS ERP Platform does it for you in seconds?  

With HTS ERP Platform, your business processes and workflows are consolidated and automated to create efficiencies, simplify tasks and provide insights so users can make well-informed decisions based on actual data and mediate by software and technology.

HTS ERP Platform helps you to manage your F&B Operation, monitor your revenue, expenses of your store, optimize Operation, ensure positive cash flow and know exactly in real-time where you stand."

IoT Solution & Online Software

How can IoT make my restaurant more efficient?

Restaurant managers and operators can monitor practically every aspect of their food service equipment with connected sensors. A simple IoT sensor can be attached to a machine and monitor the performance and health of that equipment.

Our Company Values


At HTS, each member of the staff plays a very important role in bringing customers the best experience. This is why we are constantly striving to improve the working environment and promote strong relationships, creating a workplace based on trust, respect, teamwork, enthusiasm, committed and careful.

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